Aim High With Our Spring Cleaning in Chiswick

Refresh your home with our accomplished spring cleaning service in Chiswick. It’s charged by the hour, so you’ll get as much as possible covered in the time booked. Just provide us with a prioritised checklist of the tasks you want done and we’ll make sure they’re seen to! The duties we can perform include, but are not limited to, cleaning behind kitchen appliances, on top of cupboards, and doing the dishes and laundry. So if you’ve just had a party and can’t face the mess, generally don’t want to clean, or just haven’t got the time, book a slot with us and sit back while we solve all your problems.

Get By-the-Hour Spring Cleaners in Chiswick

Take advantage of:

  • A highly motivated workforce – no matter the amount of time you book us for we’ll work as hard as humanly possible to complete your tasks
  • Quality control checks – performed on a regular basis for your benefit, the standards of our spring cleaners in Chiswick never slip
  • Flexible time slots – choose from a wide range of appointments that cover weekdays, weekends and Bank Holidays. Same-day services are also available
  • Cost-effectiveness – you’ll only pay by the hour for the number of hours you’ve booked
  • Professional detergents – that are eco-friendly and ensure the best possible results

If you need spring cleaning you might need hard floor cleaning and removals services too… Book them in addition and receive a discount!

Your Spring Cleaning Services in Chiswick – The Facts

When you book us you’ll need to decide how many hours you want to hire us for. Base this number on what you need cleaned and how much time you estimate it will take to complete the process. Once we’ve arrived on-site your premises will be inspected and you’ll be told if the time you’ve booked us for is sufficient. If we find it isn’t, we’ll tell you, and go on to complete as much as possible before your time is up. The service will commence with the first task on your prioritised check-list, any specific requirements you might have mentioned during the book process will also be followed to the letter. Once the job is done you’ll be asked your opinion on the results of our efforts. Bear in mind that our spring cleaning services in Chiswick can include a thorough property cleaning but only if you book us for enough time. We’ll hoover and mop the floors throughout, dust all surfaces, remove spider webs, clean all your kitchen appliances, and much more!

Why You Need Our Chiswick Spring Cleaning Team

Ask us to provide all equipment for a small additional fee and get the benefit of industry standard gear, which includes powerful chemicals for kitchens and bathrooms, metal and wooden surface cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and sponges and gloves. Our Chiswick spring cleaning team are trained, fully vetted and supervised on a regular basis to ensure that quality is maintained.

Connect with expert Chiswick spring cleaners by dialling 020 3404 1366. If you’d prefer not to call the contact form on our website provides free, no-obligation quotes and our chat facility runs continually.

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